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Shell Mould Castings

Shell Mould Castings that we offer are manufactured using conventional molding and metal casting process. The mold is formed around a pattern by ramming sand, mixed with the proper bonding agent, onto the metal or wood pattern. Molten metal is poured into the mold, and after it has solidified the mold is broken and castings are removed for secondary process and final finishing. The name of our company is listed among the prominent Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Shell Mould Castings. Buyers prefer to buy Shell Mould Castings from us as we make them available at the most reasonable prices.



  • Better surface finish
  • Better dimensional tolerances.
  • Reduced Machining.
  • Less foundry space required.
  • Semi skilled operators can handle the process.
  • The process can be mechanized.


  • The raw materials are relatively expensive.
  • The process generates noxious fumes which must be removed.
  • The size and weight range of castings is limited.


  • Crankshaft fabrication
  • Steel casting parts, fittings
  • Moulded tubing fabrication
  • Hydraulic control housing fabrication
  • Automotive castings (cylinder head and ribbed cylinder fabrication).

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